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Self-love Mentoring

Self Discovery session for Setting the Path for Selflove Journey

  • 1 hour
  • Online Meetup

Service Description

This is a 12 - session coaching program especially designed to gain freedom from negative self image/ low self esteem for those who are facing difficulties in their life whether it's work, relationships or even accepting themselves or the situations. Connecting to the Self is designed in such a way that will help you to discover yourself by raising awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. It will help you overcoming your weaknesses step by step, and releasing your fears to move forward to a happier , loving and a more success life . Step by step coaching weekly/ fortnightly sessions will help you break-free the unproductive patterns and move to productive patterns. How do I work as a Coach? * Use well-structured Bestlife NLP coaching tools * Pranic energy healing to support the progress * Hypnotic commands audio which will gradually change your perception * Identify your block and limitation and overcoming them * The model of coaching allows you to get rid of past history * Reframe mental images, dialogues and shift feelings * Energy Healing to support your goals * Set Goals, Actions and Parameters to track * Powerful meditation to help understand power of selflove * Mindful practices How will you benefit as Coachee ? * Learn to deal with Anxiety * Letting go of the limitations of the past * Prioritizing things and allocating your priorities * Gain mental clarity * Improving your productivity * Attaining work-life balance through Self Management * Coming to your originality * Better relationships Things you will get : * Selflove Meditation * Source Meditation * Hypnotic audio for gaining confidence * 12 one-0-one sessions * Weekly videos to keep you motivated * 12 sessions of Energy healing * And lots of love and support to keep moving towards your goal. Book your appointment today!!

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