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SelfLove Journey

Meet Aaira Kaurr, Self-love Coach, Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, and Wellness Consultant. The lady on a mission to make each and every person get connect to Self to bring peace, happiness, and joy to their Life.

The story started when she was young and use to communicate with Self in front of mirror for hours at her home unknown that she was following her own blueprint imprinted in her innately

Life followed and gradually got lost in the race of societies beliefs and in search of career, gathered various degrees from Graduate to Postgraduate. Worked with MetLife India Insurance for 6 years. She started her entrepreneur journey with Jewellery Business for Customise Real Jewellery. Due to overload of work and emotional chaos in her life, she started with Meditation and Healing in 2008. All supreme forces kept reminding Aaira of her life's calling. She took a very bold decision by side-lining her business and spending more time in understanding different school of thoughts, spiritual learning, western understanding of Mind and body vs Vedic understanding of Body, Mind and Spirit.

She learned various courses like Master NLP, Life Coaching, Business Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Pranic Healing, Pranic Psychotherapy, Cellular healing, Soul Coaching, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Spiritual Business Management, Arhatic Yoga, Inner Engineering by Isha Yoga, Transcendental Meditation by Maharishi Yogi, Foundational Truth by Happy Thoughts, Vipassana by S N Goenka, Vaidehi Tantra, Self-Actualize Leadership Program

She travelled to different Ashrams all over World, stayed there and practices Mindfulness and Meditation under guidance of Gurus to know the eternal truth of life that can bring Happiness i.e., Selflove.

She Authored the Book, “Self-love: The Power Within You,” in Jan 2020, this book talks about how to unleash the power of Self to create your Dream Life. It gives a blueprint on how an individual can walk the path to Self-Resilience.

She followed her passion for Jewellery Designing and founded her Company Gems of Aaira: Fine Healing Gemstone Jewellery. Each piece is customised according to the energy alignment of the individual to bring prosperity and abundance.

She founded the Connected beingz: The Wellness Consultancy which is aims at providing Mindfulness practices in desired format to guide every individual to bring deep understanding about Self and art of being happy. Our programs are the great combination of Body, Mind and Spirit. With team of Doctor, Health Coaches, Acupuncturist, Sound Healer, Energy Healers, Mind Programmer, and dietician aiming to provide good health with natural methods

Various workshops (offline and online) both academic and people centric are curated keeping mindfulness and Self Love to make everyone incorporate these principles in their everyday life style.

As a Selflove Coach, Speaker, and Wellness Consultant, she has done 100+ workshops, retreats, sessions and training for groups, individuals, Corporate, Schools and Colleges. She has an experience of energy healing for more than 12 years; she has given more than 1500 healing session and more than 1000 hours of coaching sessions. She has taught meditation to more than 15000 people in groups and individuals.

After exploring various industries and experiences, she integrates her knowledge and wisdom in her session in bringing an innermost shift in people perception and reality of life.

She has coached and trained the organisations, managers, and leaders from companies like W S Atkins, MECON Ltd, DTC, American Express, SAP, Maini Group, Vedanta, American Express, Future Group, Nike, Amazon, Sapient, HCL, Life plugin, Kognoz Consultancy, M S Talks, EClinicalWorks, imobi to achieve their goals and maintain work life balance with holistic approach.

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